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Thread: Players whose names went with who they play for.

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    Players whose names went with who they play for.

    D 1cko, Wolves
    Shirtliff, Wolves
    Bent, Villa
    Pratt, Spurs
    C u ntz< Germany

    Pity the last one didn't play down the Custard Bowl, they could have put up another statue on the main road with his name on.

    Gorra loff ay ya?

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    Not quite on topic but I remember the brilliantly named ref Maurice Fussey. When there was a break in play and he wanted to get back in position he would not trot but run as flat out as his legs would carry him. To the great amusement of the crowd.

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    Always thought Bob was Taylor made for the Albion .

    The appropriately named Dean 'Windass' played for Bradford, total sh it hole of a place .

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    Manny Onariase for Cheltenham Town, im sure it looks like an anagram of something.

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    Was it Forest that Kinnell played for? As the commentary went - " It's a good ball through for Kinnell"

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    Oscar Arce combined with Barry Hole at the Vile.

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    Colin West?

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    I used to prey Jeff Stelling would trip up one day when saying Kenny Lunt (Crewe Alexandra)

    I also remember convincing my ex missis during the 1998 World Cup that the Argentinian player Chamot's first name was Showus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joy_Division View Post
    Oscar Arce combined with Barry Hole at the Vile.
    I remember those days, Joy. (About '67 when Vile were old 3rd Division) They had us Aitken of laughter.

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