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Thread: Warne on Warnock

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    Warne on Warnock

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    So then Mr Warne you're saying NW got the best out of some very dodgy players?

    Something you've failed to do regardless of your unquestioned enthusiasm.

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    Warnock did things with a short term simply can't do long term.

    He knackered Freck's by playing when he shouldn't - and apparently that's elongated his injury into this season.

    He brought that "Dunkirk spirit" out of us all - which can't be reproduced long term - the last 16 games of the season are a lot different to the first 16 games of the season.

    NW is another year older and he left our club for all the right reasons - we needed a long term plan under a manager willing to work within the restraints our club inherently has - but they need 3 years not 13 weeks.

    Back to square one and considering a backward step.

    Not good karma.

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