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    How come you spent all that money and managed to win jack $hit?

    You cant even cheat your way to a trophy HAHAHAHA.

    What must it be like being in Pompeys shadow forever?

    It was funny on Sunday I larfed I did.

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    You can only cheat if you field a team you can't afford and steal from others to pay for it and you can only be in someone's shadow if you are behind them bottom dwellers.

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    Win away in the Prem or lose at home in L2?
    LMAO ����

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    I must admit it hasn't been our best season.
    Losing in a final and getting knocked out of the eufa cup, can things get any worse?

    Um......being in the bottom division year after year and losing at home to mighty footy teams like Crewe in the sh*ttiest stadium known to man would be quite disheartening!

    Apparently they didn't even name a MOTM like they usually do after the game, sums it up really, pitiful.

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    They booed their plucky heroes off the pitch apparently. The heady days of sycophantically applauding losses seems a lifetime away.

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