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Thread: Classless club

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    Classless club

    Your chairman and manager are a phuckin disgrace as are the thugs that attacked an innocent supporter walking home, alone after the game.

    Parkinson & Anderson blaming everybody except themselves for the defeat and giving us no credit whatsoever. Lump Madine in to the equation and I think your tin pot club has now got to be up there as one of the most despised by us. I hope you don't even make the play offs and stay down. From reading various bits this may also mean you go out of business, hope so.

    Up the Blades!

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    Get over yourself you muppet,there's only one tin pot club and it's yours,i know why you hate Madine it's because he played for a bigger club than yours Sheffield Wednesday!

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    DOH oh dear oh dear

    suppose sheff utd fans have never dome owt so bad eh , mate every club has knob heads , as clearly & as demonstrated by your post

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    What a complete and utter tw@t - well somebody upset him that's for sure. Blades fans are rough as owt as we have recently found out at Deepdale and one of the few sets of fans still well up for it before and after the game.

    I think auto promotion is back on my fellow Lancastrians and about time to. Good luck for the rest of the season and after a recent spell of not winning you have had two crackin results.

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    Cheers pal the champagne is on ice.

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    I remember going to bumhole lane in the 80s ,we were attacked left right and centre, it was a night match and we only had a few hundred or so.. The return fixture they came to burnley giving it the big one and kopped for it big time..
    Who is classless ? W&nkers ! There was a lot of sheepskin coats for sale the day after..
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