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Thread: 6 game ban for McGhee

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    6 game ban for McGhee

    Not our problem anymore but our former boss will have to sit out six games if he returns to club football in Scotland. Seems his Scotland duties are unaffected.

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    Any club that takes him after the season and behaviour he has had here must be totally desperate and have money to burn.He was a total embarrassment to Motherwell FC and still is a total embarrassment to the national team as well.No matter how the rest of our season pans out we are "Well" shot of him

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    As has been the case in previous similar instances, most FA's would uphold the SFA's ban - that IMO, means the guy's no chance of getting a gig with another domestic club in the UK, or Europe. Taxi to the Middle East or China perhaps?

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    Perhaps forth coming ban contributed to club terminating his contract as had he remained he’d be sat in stands for 6 weeks.
    IMO Robinson initially brought back as cover but results forced their hand to sack him. Robinson right place/right time (?)
    Surprised if had a future career in SPL and suggest next job selling deckchairs on Brighton Pier.

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    I'll have a cone with my deck chair Marko

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