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Thread: On This Day 1979

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    On This Day 1979

    Forest became the first club to retain the League Cup when they beat Southampton 3-2 at Wembley. Also in 2007 Brendan Moloney made his debut.

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    Wow unbelievable that!

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    Yes Barry old chap. Those were the days. We thought it'll never end. But alas we shall just have enjoy the memories until another miracle happens. Although I doubt lightning will strike twice in your lifetime.

    Talking about strikes, that was pretty neat intervention on ncm, wasn't it? And the warnings given. No creating/using multiple ids. Something for you to ponder perhaps?

    Anyway you being you, better be careful of how you respond. I gather your bff is still having paranoia.

    Don't go doing silly stuff. You know how much I hate using my newfound powers. I already had to wield it a few times recently and am loathe to using it further. Take care and enjoy the forum, pal.

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