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Thread: Article 50 and Brexit.....just what will it mean?

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    Article 50 and Brexit.....just what will it mean?

    Well, whether you were for it or against it, the Queen has now endorsed Brexit and the prime minister can now trigger article 50 and formally begin the withdrawal of the UK from the rest of Europe ok you say, so what? well, I was just wandering what it will mean to British football.

    Will it mean the end of the Bosman ruling
    Will it be the start of free movement across Europe
    Will it be the start of the end of top European footballers coming to the UK
    Will it mean the end of SKY sports and inflated wages for Premiership players

    Will it be the start of a proper European competition
    Will it mean a stronger England
    Will it mean the end of the premiership
    Will it mean we are in division two not the championship


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    I'm not sure but I'm moving to Spain in July so it going to effect me I think?
    We're still a europian club so I doubt it will change anything but I don't really know. Hope that's helps Dave.

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    I can just imagine your boss exasperatedly explaining

    "He's from Wales"

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    Quote Originally Posted by samhubball View Post
    I can just imagine your boss exasperatedly explaining

    "He's from Wales"
    Well I know its not worth asking Bongo if it will snow? Only kidding mate.

    It would appear having read some articles that Brexit will affect 'Non European' players and that upto 100 current premiership players would not be granted a work permit under current ruling which I think will only get harder to obtain being as we want decide our own fate.

    Have a read:

    What will Brexit mean for the Premier League? via @telefootball

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    What do you think about Trump taking on the federal reserve Dave!

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    I'm very nervous about the future of football and if this will prevent the movement of players. It is already tough to get S American players unless you're a top 5-6 club this could make life really difficult.

    I'm also nervous for the people of Spain with the huge chimp moving there.

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    I do a lot of travelling around Europe with work and have already noticed subtle posters informing people who DO NOT belong to the EU that you will not be allowed through normal routes and will be sent to non EU check points (we all know whet that means) if our normal travel will get disrupted and we British are treated like leper's, then it is going to be harder and less attractive for our European players who often travel home at weekends, I often see this!!

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    I'm more worried that the Tories are at the negotiating table for us....

    This lot have darker plans than Thatcher. And she was the antichrist!!

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