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Thread: I despair

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    I despair

    Went to the match, saw a good workmanlike performance against a team pushing for a play off place. Home at 6.00, shower and out at 6.45. Back home at 12.50, and open up the message board expecting some positivity. But guess what, not a single comment in 7 hours. At least when we lose, Itwasin and Jamesdad post something. I give up. I'm joining Mike SB on the 'lapsed posters' list.

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    I got stuck for an hour on the M1 (some poor driver decided to tray and make a fourth lane, but the central reservation barrier was in the way), so got home, ate and it was time for Channel 5 footie.
    OK, a positive. Who nominated Daggers for MotM?! They all played exceptionally well against a big and tall footballing side, some of whom were not going to let slip the opportunity for a muddy diving slide. At the back, it was great to see Ben Garratt return to the form we know he's capable off - instinctive and excellent positioning and command. George Ray is growing into his dual role of captain and defender like a spring flower. Basically, the defence and midfield were coherent and cohesive and worked together. Up front I would have given MotM equally to Bowery, Dagnall and Cooper.
    On a very heavy pitch the team began to look very tired, but they kept going and the killer goal was a welcome surprise. Cooper's free kick and Dagnall's diving header must have come straight from Reaseheath: both wonderfully executed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexLeicester View Post
    Up front I would have given MotM equally to Bowery, Dagnall and Cooper.

    That echoes DA post-match.
    And to be honest what I saw at Creepy too so we appear to have hit on something there.
    I felt quite comfortable we would win, even listening to GM on RS who can sometimes make it sound like we are in more trouble than we are. No sign of that yesterday.
    A good 3 points and look how close we are to mid-table obscurity now

    Good point, Jimmy.
    "You only sing when you're winning"!!
    Well in the case of the 2 you mention plus Paul, it's more a case of "you only write when we're losing!!".
    Trouble is, it's not a Crewe thing. You'll see this sort of behaviour countrywide.
    Many Brits find it hard within themselves to praise but oh so easy to grumble - unfortunately!
    Rise above them like I try to do - they don't matter!

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    In the interest of discussion....

    I don't think the front 3 did particularly well. Daggers scores if he is in the box, was in twice, scored twice. Needs to be in the box always.

    Bowery is a willing lad, seemed to end up in the hole or wide too often, not his strength. At the start of the second half we were 2nd best as the ball wasn't sticking up front, so Big Dave changed it to 442. Suddenly we are back in control and Bingham is having a great time. We scored and were comfortable.

    The Coops off and 442 helped us, so not sure the 3 up worked well or they knew exactly where they fitted.

    Cooke and Coops assists for Daggers goals.

    Good game and standard and a good win.

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    MoftheM, Ray without question.

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    I could not make it to the game, but delighted that my pessimism was again proved wrong by an excellent victory over a promotion chasing side. Eight games to go and hopefully it will not be long before we are mathematically safe from relegation. I said at the start of the season we would finish in mid-table so a decent run to the end of the season will see us there. All of the youngsters will have benefitted from a season in League Two and, if we can find some cash down the back of the boardroom sofa, we can hopefully strengthen the squad. Still, I must not get ahead of myself!

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    Little bit hypocritical Jimmy, perhaps like you posters were busy.
    I didn't make the game as was busy all day at work, but sounds a good game & a very valuable 3 points, especially as everyone else at the bottom lost. Thought Daggers energy would make a difference once he got back.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the match yesterday - good all round performance which made choosing MotM pretty tricky. Having said that, I was a bit surprised when Daggers was nominated (before he'd got his second too!); I would have said Ray or Bingham, who for me was cool and calm throughout, never rushed and spread play well - didn't miss Hollands yesterday but maybe that's because Colchester didn't really press like some sides.

    One disappointment for me was the booing from the main stand when their player went down on the halfway line and was subsequently stretchered off. I thought we were better than that; after all, they were certainly no Stevenage or Newport in the gamesmanship stakes.

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    I didn't hear the booing (and if there was any, it's abhorrent), but I did join in the consolatory applause as he was carried off - as we Alex fans do for any player leaving the pitch permanently because of an injury.
    Maybe I sit with some of the best, most honest and supportive - as well as knowledgeable - Alex fans?

    Any ideas how we are going to get referees to form better relationships with their linesman. That's two home games where the linesman has been right, as well as having a better view of the incident, and been over-ruled by the ref.

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    Due to work I was not at the match but this was a fantastic result and it looks like we will be clear of the relegation fight I predicted if SD had still been in charge. With the same players DA appears to have turned it around or was it the players who who stopped paying for SD . WE have seen this in the premiership when players have got the manager sacked . The real work for DA starts now with a lot of players out of contract at the end of the season. Will the board back him with money or are we to expect the academy to fill the gaps again. DA has made it clear what he wants from the scouts and behind the scenes he will have identified players he will want . The hard bit is getting them and this is were the board come in and need to back him with money. The crowds at Gresty Road have stayed consistent throughout a poor season but with good signings they should increase and I will be renewing my season ticket along with my wife.It would be nice to hear something from the board on how they see the future.

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