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Thread: Bongo!!!, surly not?

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    Bongo!!!, surly not?

    Bongo, I know that you love a good conspiracy theory, but this one seems to be building momentum.
    A couple of years back you had a very open, flirtatious online ‘relationship’ with a ‘nose’ who hailed from the Iberian Peninsula.
    Rolling the clock forward, you announce that you are soon to be emigrating to Spain and starting a family.
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wish you and ‘Spanishblue’ a happy and rewarding life together. .

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    Ahhhh.....yes, those were the days, prior to the bluenose being verboten on our board along with “The Great Bongo” (modest handle eh ?) who was unceremoniously banned too !

    Of course this called for a metamorphism Shazaam ! Its the birth of “Bongo's Dad”

    Obviously the two have continued with their secret love affair X

    Not at all surprised Exiled ….. as Bongo was drawn to Spanish Blue -like a bluebottle is to faecal matter

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    I don't appreciate this thread.
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    Bongo, no personal insult intended. Conspiracy theories come in all shapes and sizes, and as daft as this one is, it’s no dafter than your efforts. It may well rank alongside as some of your finer moments, fish and women, smelling your own farts, MON, Barry, Gabby, walking (or not), Sasquatch, hollow earth, the moon landings, the list is endless. I have no personal vendetta against you and wish you no ill, but your comments do leave you open to a little ‘rib tickling’ or at worst, p1ss taking. I was just pointing out a few coincidences in your ‘extraordinary life’, which you narcissistically play out on a public forum.
    The OT just pointed out a couple of ‘coincidences’ in your posts and conspiracies appear to be your forte. Are there inaccuracies in the OT? Have there been inaccuracies in your previous 10,500 posts? Mmmmm, conspiracy theories are just people's interpretations of evidence that is placed before them. The title of the OT (although I embarrassingly spelt ‘surely’ wrong) suggests a question. The main body of the post is made up of my innocent observations, based on the evidence before me, i.e. your contributions to Villamad.

    Go well.

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    It's not you Exil and I like banter. With freer its not banter and just an excuse to be nasty. Things aren't going well for me at the moment so I'm probably struggling to find him funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    I don't appreciate this thread.
    Ahhhhh Didums !

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    Your an idiot freer

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    Things aren't going well for me at the moment

    You probably need a rest as over committing to excessive imaginary sponsored walks can be draining

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