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    Next Season

    Now we have pretty much secured our league status what's the situation with players and contracts for next season?

    Is Coops out of contract or is he one who's got an extension option?

    Who would you guys keep and get rid of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by out0lunch View Post
    I swear I saw another list somewhere that had Cooper down as having an extension option.

    That's an awful lot of player out of contract

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    That list's not been updated since Christmas - doesn't show Hollands renewed or Lowe left., or option to extend Bakayogo taken up Of course we know Garratt (we'd get compensation if he leaves) and Guthrie (we wouldn't)have been offered new contracts, and tbh I thought something had been done for Cooper (and maybe Jones). Leaves Artell plenty of scope to build his own team, and if we make offers to these and they don't stay we'd get compo for all except Turton and Nugent I'd think. (And Guthers of course.)

    HD going naturally, now they're playing CH properly I'd keep both Ray and Nugent, particularly if Guthrie goes, and Turton is a real tryer. Saunders is never fit to show anything in the first XI, so you've got to wonder if he's had his time. Hollands is so highly spoken of by DA that if he's mending as he should I suspect he wants him as club captain. If he does, and with the constant injuries, is there a place for Bingham, though as usual now he's playing he looks good? Ng is coming on well enough as def cover, and will still be cheap. Wintle's clearly going to get an offer. This doesn't show any of the kids signed last summer, and Kirk and Ainley were definitely already under contract by end of their academy time, so there may be several there with us for next year as well as Daggers, Udoh, Zoums and I thought Cooper.

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    I agree with ShropshireAlex - Davis will leave and we should get some compensation. Saunders will surely be released. He has not had a good run in the side, but never really convinces as a League-standard player - one for the Conference. Bingham has missed so many games through injury. He looks a decent player at this level and may well be retained - pay as you play deal should suit. I did not think Bakayogo warranted a further year, but that is now a done deal.

    I wish we could sign some proper full backs and hopefully Bowery. However, Artell will not get anything near sizeable funds to strengthen the squad with - he will hope to move a few on and obtain compensation where possible. Guthrie may move on unfortunately. He has been a terrific servant and I would be disappointed to see him go. The same applies to Garratt and we will need to ensure we get a decent replacement - I am not confident about Richards and know nothing about the ability of the keeper we signed after he had left Altrincham. That said, unlike in previous years, there are few players in the squad I would be glad to see the back of. However, that does not mean we have a squad capable of promotion next season and then staying up in League One. I think next season will see a much improved performance (youngsters having benefitted from this season's experience), but, at best, a flirtation with the play-off spots. Continuous improvement is what we need to see.
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