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Thread: Rotherham Utd keepers & Formation

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    Rotherham Utd keepers & Formation

    Camp won't play for us again. Price & O'Donnell aren't 1st choice keepers. One of them have got to go. Price against QPR should have come out for there 1st goal & 4th?

    Formation. Can't play 4-4-2. Not good enough. Now Morris is here, play him up front with D Ward on the left but getting up to support Morris. Bray on the right, see what he can do. Taylor or Forde haven't done anything there all season.

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    Not as easy as it looks gwru. Both are under contract, they could put one of them on the transfer list, send one out on loan or pay them up. my opinion is both will be here next season.

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    At least one of them will be here next season

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