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Thread: Set pieces.

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    Set pieces.

    We have become specialists at these, and are currently the best team in the prem at them.
    Under Mowbray with our attacking philosophy we had loads of set pieces but hardly converted any of them. Greenings corners rarely beat the first man.
    Now with deliveries from the likes of Brunt, Phillips and Chadli, and the aerial ability of Dawson,Evans and McAuley we are making them count.
    Some say assists don't count, i disagree.

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    The Arsenal marking for the Dawson goals on Saturday was woeful. I reckon Hughie Reed would have rose and met those 2 crosses. They had 8 men in the box for, I think it was the second one, and no one picked Dawson up. Evans and another were also lurking with intent, unmarked.
    It's great how the media keeps reporting how good we are at set pieces. The more the opposition hear of this the more nervous they get and the easier it gets to convert them :-)

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    Not arguing about the marking Chris, but our deliveries are much better than they used to be. I never got excited when Greening was taking set pieces. It would be interesting to see how many he took and how many produced a goal.

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    The impressive thing for me is how much we change our set pieces.

    I'd love to see flowing, pretty, attacking football but it's not happening any time soon.

    In the meantime, last season, there was one option; fire it fast and with curl to the far post to Dawson for a knockdown or a header on goal... now we have a range of options and tricks. We've played short, near post, lay off for shot, all with complex runs from none contact players.

    Was almost funny to see that for Dawson's second, if he had been blocked off, there were TWO other players waiting virtually unopposed to nod it in.

    I like Arsene but he was outwitted on Saturday, we could have had 6.

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