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Thread: The left back problem.

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    The left back problem.

    The local media scribes and many of our keyboard warriors, submit to the fact that we have a problem at left back. Despite the efforts of Doc and Saville et al, hardly a match goes by without some negative comments.

    I note that the Championship team of the year published on Sky today has a certain Scott Malone in the team, at left back.

    Another that the club deemed not up to standard and surplus to our needs!!!

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    It's up to the manager/head coach who he selects, neither of the two mentioned above, Doherty or Saville are playing in what's classed as their 'natural position', but in my eyes, both have given their all.

    It's quick and easy to think about what might have been once a player leaves Wolves, some go on and make a success for themselves elsewhere, some aren't so lucky.

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    Gav, I agree it is up to the manager at the time, as to who he wants at the club. Some see certain attributes in a player others do not.

    Look at the list of players who we have let go and are still doing well in the game at a higher level. Theses are a few who did not ask for transfers, Ward, Vokes, Surman, Friend. There are many others who have been released by the club and have gone on to succeed in the game..

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