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Thread: Congratulations

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    On your Promotion , you deserve it

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    Thanks Romared. It's always nice when we support each other.

    It’s unfathomable how we ended up in League Two, but credit to Ferguson he is getting us back on target with a much more accomplished team. After such a successful season I hope a reality check in League One doesn’t deflate the team too much. It’s looked all too easy to our young lads who think we will do it again next season. John Marquis has been critical to the success of this season, and will be for next season as well. Exciting times ahead for Rovers. And there are champions medals waiting to be collected as long as we don’t lose focus now.

    Congratulations to the Blades on their promotion and well done to the Tykes for a stable return to the Championship.

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    Thanks Romared. Decent season for several Yorkshire clubs this year, except for Rotherham....

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    Scarjo yes we Millers have had a mare...

    I would also like to congratulate Doncaster Rovers on their promotion..... looking forward to visiting them next season and both should be full gates...

    Who's your team Fella?

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    Thanks Brin.

    Your question can be interpreted in at least 2 ways depending on the punctuation... Who's your team, fella ? Donny of course, though I was born at an equal distance between Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster, 7 or 8 miles from each. When I was little, on match days (Saturdays), with my dad we used to take the no.37 bus into town, leaving at ten to two, then walk it down to Belle Vue. Enough information to guess where I spent the early years of my life?

    Who's your team fella ? Has to be John Marquis, but Coppinger keeps coming back for more and seems to improve with age. Can't wait to see him play when he's 90, though I'll be 120 then....

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    I was beginning to wonder if anybody still posted on here. This board and Tykesmad used to have a good rivalry with posters like Scriptman & Midnitecaller. Where did they all disappear off to ?
    Anyway Donny have come straight back up, are you looking to challenge again or consolidate back in Lg One to begin with.

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    Personally, my heart says it would be nice to go up another division. But my head says better to consolidate in League One first.

    We seem to have lost a lot of posters in recent years, and no-one new to join us. The predictions league has now dwindled to just five players.

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