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Thread: Barry Island meet...Logistics

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    Barry Island meet...Logistics

    At present we have OTR,Mike and Laz and myself ready to give this a go.

    We need to book soon as poss for weekend 5/6th Aug. A good bet is the Premier Inn, next to waterfront, walking distance to the Island and good rates even closer to Hang Fire Southern kitchen, rated one the best in UK for BBQ meats. Google both to give you a flavour. Walking distance from Barry station, not Barry Island station.
    Cross fingers for weather on Sun and Red Arrows display however a lot going on besides WW2 Barry at war display with people dressed the part, No, not me but would not mind driving one of those WW2 jeeps.

    So anyone else gonna risk it.!

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    Hi Claw, myself Mke and Rammy can do weekend 16th and 17th June but not weekend 5th and 6th August, can you make the June date? If so we will book the rooms, hopefully you can make that weekend Claw, fingers crossed. Gaz can you make that weekend in June?
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    I can do most weekends throughout June, July and August, so I can work around everyone else.

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    What a coincidence as I am trying to organise my ride to Scotland on the 17th June.

    Forgive my interjection but I think Claw was choosing that weekend due to interesting events in the offing

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    Isn't Barry on the way to Scotland gaz?

    I'm sure Claw chose that weekend in August for a good reason but never the less myself and Mike are still unavailable then.

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    He might be Laz but but I'm going up t'north. I might blow a kiss to ghost on the way up or down.

    My good lass has friends in Wales not too far from Barry. I might be tempted in Aug too

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    I think Mike is working that August weekend but if he can swing it then I can make make August so over to you Mike. I think Rammy is also ok with August. Would be good if Nut and ghost could also join us?

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    Working????? I thought he was a bus driver

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    August sounds like it is interesting if Mike can change his work dates. It would be nice to meet Claw too.

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    Where the phuck is barry island..?

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    Barry Island was married to the actress Jill Island
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    I can do 16/17 june if needed although shame to miss events but on the plus side it will be a lot less busy with the kids still in school.

    I will bring pictures of when Man City boss persuaded me to let his players come to my party in Las Palmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turfmoorspirit View Post
    Where the phuck is barry island..?
    South Wales Mark

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    It's a lovely place,been a couple of times ,only trouble is you won't be able to use your Bus passes in Wales.

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    Well Mike is it June or August?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazaat View Post
    Well Mike is it June or August?
    As Laz says we need a commitment as to which days you lads wish to go, I can do either but will have to book accommodation asp
    or stand to miss out.

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    Sorry for the delay in answering, been trying to get my work days changed but without any luck, so I'll have to throw a few sick days at em, see what I do for a meet

    The 4th/5th and 6th is good for me lads, all we need now is names and someone to book a Hotel/Guest House for the Friday and Saturday night, I usually book for a few but I'll leave it for someone else this time, I will phone Spirit and Nut this evening to see if they are interested.

    Names so far (Tell me if I'm wrong), and someone contact Lion1 as he's not answering my texts.






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    "Sorry for the delay in answering, been trying to get my work days changed but without any luck, so I'll have to throw a few sick days at em, see what I do for a meet"

    I'm telling

    Sounds alreeet to me

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    Let's nominate a hotel with rooms available then everyone who is coming can book their own rooms?

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    I have just checked out the hotels, The Mount Rooms have enough rooms still available for us all (8 rooms at least) they are all double rooms 2 at 41 per night and the other larger rooms costing 48 per night which is also the cheapest hotel. It is very near Barry Island but breakfast not included. It looks ok so need to book rooms asap (one room booked just now so going fast!) Can you feedback and if ok let's start booking our rooms

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