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Thread: A draw v Pikeys'?

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    A draw v Pikeys'?

    ahh well at least it keeps you in the race.

    Did you enjoy the trip LR? Is that away end still wobbling. (temporary stand for a temporary club?)

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    The game could have been a lot better gaz as we only starting playing when we went one nil down. But the weather was great and they were giving us sun cream at the turnstiles to which I refused. I did also fear for my life when we scored as a few large gentleman near me started to jump up and down on the wobbly stand but those do as you likelys know how to put a bit of scaffold up so it stood firm. anyway woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit fragile and a red face that resembled a lobster But all in all a good day out.
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    lol sounds like a good day then.

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