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Thread: The last few games

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    The last few games

    I’m a little bit more optimistic after the Forest game, as we have been quite lucky in terms of our remaining matches. Having said that, the Bristol City game is a “must win” if ever there was one!
    What’s left?

    BRISTOL CITY (47pts./GD -7): Rovers (A); Barnsley (H); Brighton (A); Birmingham (H).
    BIRMINGHAM (47pts./GD -19): Burton (H); Villa (A); Huddersfield (H); Bristol City (A).
    FOREST (45pts./GD -11): Cardiff (A); Reading (H); QPR (A); Ipswich (H).
    BURTON (45pts./GD -15): Birmingham (A); Leeds (H); Barnsley (A); Reading (H).
    ROVERS (43pts./GD -15): Bristol City (H); Wolves (A); Villa (H); Brentford (A).
    WIGAN: (40pts./GD -15): Brighton (A); Cardiff (H); Reading (A); Leeds (H).

    As you’ll see, if we CAN beat Bristol City, we then meet teams with very little to play for. That is, no prospect of relegation, and no chance of a play-off place.
    The ideal scenario would be for the Birmingham v. Burton game to finish 0-0!!

    I think all you Roversmad locals should get along to Ewood on Monday. How about a 20000 crowd?

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    They are showing some fight and character, but I still think its too little too late. Can't rely on them to be consistent for the remaining games, that's the problem.

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    I have to agree with saxo
    we have lacked consistency for years and at this critical time in this club's history we must find it
    even a win at Bristol won't get me rushing for the champagne
    wolves and Brentford away are very tough games
    villa at home is never easy especially with their upturn in form
    Looking at the fixtures I would say Burton will be the ones to slip
    Bristol should be ok
    Birmingham have huddersfield still so that's 3 points to them
    forest have favourable fixtures so all in all win Monday and look to Burton game with interest.

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    I'm really sorry to join 'the chorus' , but I think it's far, far from sorted yet.
    Yes in the final summation of the game the squad were congratulated for their fight, but during the game time after time disparaging comments were made to the majority (almost all) of our players. This in terms of indecision, lack of drive, commitment, switching off, errors of judgement.
    The accolade of 'our fight' was purely because we came away with the spoils. From the one and only decent cross from young Mahoney.
    This is how the game commentary was delivered.
    Poss the most telling outcome could be possibly the retention of Raya (regardless of Steele : injured or not?) .
    It sounded like he had a pretty 'assured' game and saved what sounds like a fairly nailed on equaliser late on.

    Agree with the above, it's one step in right direction, but we have to repeat it, and be far better to overcome BC. At Ewood? That's a tall order as this squad is racked with nerves.
    Then they still have to pick a decent haul of points for the remainder. Consistency that for all this season we've not managed.

    I'm not on the TM's no better than OC bandwagon, as he can only work with what he's left with. And with the calibre and age of many at this tail end of season, it's inevitable the list of injured absentees.

    Sorry to be still erring to a negative cautionary opinion, but that's how I view it.
    Like TM and hope he can pull it off.
    There will IMO still be no swelling of the crowd because the stayaways are still far from convinced things have changed. And even if we survive, the spectre of Venkys and their abuse of our club remains.
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