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Thread: Bristol city (home)predictions

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    Bristol city (home)predictions

    Massive game in which 3 points is a must and i hope we will achieve this
    3-1 win

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    Robin, my fear is the players sound like they're too nervous and within Ewood it's ramped up.
    I thing BC will be a far tougher test than Forest , and sounds like they've upped their game.
    So I'm going for 1 - 1.

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    Rovers won't slip up in this one an easy 2-0 ..

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    Despite having favourable 'names' upfront compared to our rivals, we struggle to score goals.

    1-0 rovers, at best.

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    It pains me to say it.. 3-0..

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    Despair gets the result spot on with a 1-1's going down to the last match..Zola has resigned at Brum after only two wins in 28 matches

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    3 games to go against teams with nothing to play for (so to speak).. If it was not for brum and Forest you would be doomed..

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    Where's Kevin Moran and his ilk when you you need them?
    I'm afraid this squad just does not have the necessary quantity of 'battling troops' for this fight .

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    I must admit Id have gone for a draw at best today, I didnt think the slug & Bristol would make it easy for you.

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    It sounds as if we were lucky to get a draw. Only nine attempts on goal - three on target!!?
    To be honest, I don't think we are creating as many chances as we were a couple of months ago.

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