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Thread: My thoughts on 'No to the takeover"

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    My thoughts on 'No to the takeover"

    Going into FP on Friday I was handed a flyer giving me information on a group calling themselves "No to the takeover"

    I'm not going to repeat their arguments here you can read them yourselves on their blog at.....

    My thoughts are:~

    1. Currently the club is not making enough revenue to sustain us in Division 1 with any hope of going into the Championship. Even with 18,000 turning up every home game we will not be able to go forward.

    2. Fratton Park, as we all know requires rebuilding for that we need £millions (many of them). So having sustainability in the players market and going forward up the leagues plus rebuild the stadium is a none starter. We will live our life in Div II or Div 1.

    3. Do you want fans in the future to be relegated to watch the crappy football we have been forced to watch over the last few years plus put up with the poor officials who run the games in these Divisions ?

    4. I enjoyed the Premiership and looked forward to every home game...... I could live with the Championship but not in the two lower divisions, which without investment we will be relegated too.

    5. Personally I think should we be taken over the board must have a place for a FANS board member or perhaps those with Presidential shares have some kind of voting power..........

    What do you think ?

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    Very surprised how quiet this board has been about this proposed takeover......personally in my humble opinion the issue of no fan representation on the board is going to be a Hugh stumbling block for a lot of shareholders. (Including family members). Personally I was disappointed at the way Michael Eisner went "public" with his views in his "exclusive" with the much for exclusivity/due diligence! I was totally underwhelmed with his comments......unless I've got the wrong end of the stick there was no firm commitment to either redevelop Fratton Park and increase capacity or a new stadium. It appeared he was only committing to making the crowd safe and getting it back to the 20,000 level. As for the Heritage Group........why do we need that, just get the fact that the Club name, Colours, nickname, ground name etc can,t be changed and put it in a signed contract.......or am I missing something? Making noises about getting to the Championship and even the premiership is pie in the sky if this time round we are not ready with a better/increased capacity holding stadium, better/bigger hospitality opportunities etc..........the devil will be in the final details however I can already see splits in the fan base about this view for what it's worth can be summed up very easily.........some people have very short memories.......and finally if Michael Eisner had't surfaced what were the stadium redevelopment were we going to cope with the safety issues etc, or have we been "kept in the dark" or are we being fed PR spin so that this deal goes through? More questions than answers at the moment......ill stay on the fence till all is revealed! �� As for the Poll......good idea Lancer but how about another undecided (at the moment) option?
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    I too felt it became public too early. I did hear an interested American was in the city but I just wanted us to get out of this awful division. I didn't get one of the flyers Friday but I do know that a respected ex Poster on here did get given one and he tore it up. I have read that Eisner is going to do a Q & A session the Thursday evening before the Cheltenham game. Happy to listen to what he says then. I don't doubt that some Board members have become comfortable sitting in the Directors Box but I would ask them to listen and make their decision as to what is best for our club, not necessarily for themselves. Lancer the Refs we get in the main are EFL referees, they do all 3 Divisions normally so don't necessarily expect there to be much difference sadly. I still think one of the worst officials I have seen was Mr Swarbrick (Oxford here last season), he of course is a PL Ref. Indeed he was at St Fairies on Saturday.

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    Thanks Phil and Lovedean - Must say I do agree with both of your comments.

    Perhaps the reason not many have been on here talking about a takeover is this forum is not very user friendly - is it ?

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    It's too early for a black and white poll like this.

    What is Eisner in it for? Does he look at Arsenal and think 'I'd like a piece of that?' Even if he says the things we'd like to hear - what guarantees are there he'll stick to his word or that his son will have the interests of the club at heart and want to succeed?

    We got promoted today as a fan owned club. The fans saved it and it's achieved a promotion. This is gold - it's priceless. For me, this is how clubs should be run. I don't want to regress to keeping things in-house, or being in a situation where the supporters are just cash cows (Arsenal again). Catlin's monthly updates are brilliant and you can see he genuinely cares for the club and what people think/want. Does Eisner get this? Because it won't take long for people who care for the club long term to know whether they're being stitched up or not.

    I know we require investment for the ground and to progress - but this club and people everywhere need to be respected.

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    Perhapss your right it might be to early - but some are already jumping on the waggon such as these "no to the take-over.

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    There seems to be some who are totally opposed to it without even listening to what is on the table. If those on the board are cosy in their Directors Box seats, which I hear, I'd ask them to consider the club not their chuffing seats. I haven't a clue who the guys were on Friday handing out the fliers, I know two ST holders who ripped theirs up. I am quite happy to wait for the Q & A session 2 weeks on Thursday, I wish those who say No would do the same.

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    What a 24 hours...

    Promotion, 'Arry off to triffic, fantastic, his 7th at least spiritual home, Brum. Mrs May then called an election. The latter two were announced on my way up the a34 today. Anything else happened ?
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    I've had another day of sunshine & efe's, no change there ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by pompeylee View Post
    I've had another day of sunshine & efe's, no change there ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovedeanblue View Post
    There seems to be some who are totally opposed to it without even listening to what is on the table. If those on the board are cosy in their Directors Box seats, which I hear, I'd ask them to consider the club not their chuffing seats. I haven't a clue who the guys were on Friday handing out the fliers, I know two ST holders who ripped theirs up. I am quite happy to wait for the Q & A session 2 weeks on Thursday, I wish those who say No would do the same.
    I agree and also with Lancer about Fan representation on The Board. It's one thing for Eisner to be 'impressed' with how supporters saved the club, but he needs to respect it.

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    I also agree that fan representation on the Board is my line in the sand about the takeover. I can see no reason for this not to happen - unless things will be discussed that might be to the detriment of the club and the new board would not wish for these to be made public, after all one representative is unlikely to be able to influence major decisions. But I am willing to hear the arguments at the Q&A. I am a cynic and after our experiences and those of, say, Charlton, Blackpool, Leyton Orient, et al I believe it is right to proceed with caution.

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    Well said my friend

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    Still feel very underwhelmed with the "offer" on the table.......still feel there are more questions that need

    Why no direction from the PST/Board with regard to the "offer" from Eisner? (Never held of a board not offering advice/comment to a takeover offer).
    Why such a low valuation of the Club? (Surely it must be worth more now that we have no debt, have our own training ground, academy etc).
    Why has the PST/Board only now come out painting what appears to be a "doom and gloom" picture of the state of the ground? (So much for transparency!). There appears to be "mixed" messages from different board members regarding this issue!

    My opinion on the "Heritage" board hasn't changed...........put it in a signed legal contract that the name of the Club, Colours, Nickname etc cannot be changed.......have visions of several personnel covered in cobwebs sitting in a room being told periodically that "nothing has changed"! It's a token gesture by Eisner to placate those fans that want a PST member on the board. (Which isn't going to happen as Eisner wants total control).
    No commitments for a redeveloped ground or a new stadium.........although I do accept that he promises to sort out the " pressing" ground safety issues.
    No guarantees from Eisner that he won't separate the ground from the Club etc.
    No guarantees from Eisner over the Club badge........

    Hopefully the meeting at the Guildhall will hopefully clarify a few of the "issues"'s certainly going to be interesting!!

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    Feel likewise underwhelmed Phil and I can vouch for a good friend of mine who feels likewise. I am not in the City Thursday evening due to a previous commitment so will leave it like that till after the gathering. Before I vote I shall read carefully what is posted on line and printed in the media, then chat to a few at Fratton Saturday. Then and only then shall I decide.

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    Can I add my underwhelmedness to you two guys. I have said before that my line in the sand is PST representation on the board but I now have another line in the sand (if that is possible, maybe it's just a longer line in the sand). Who will be CEO of the club? We need, in my opinion, someone who understands the club ethos, who knows football in this country, is good at his job and as I believe we already have that person in place, I can see no reason to look further. I shall be interested to hear what Mr. Eisner has to say.

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    Just to add to the mix.......Peter Lee (Club President) is now making himself heard.......interesting article but his comments on the stadium are in my opinion worrying. Yet again absolutely no mention of redeveloping the ground and increasing capacity or building a new stadium........only confirmation that ME is prepared to sort out the safety issues currently affecting the ground. For me personally there has to be a commitment to do one or the other. We cannot carry on applying first aid to Fratton Park......if ME is serious about taking Pompey up the leagues and even into the Premiership we need to be prepared on and off the field with a stadium "fit for purpose" and not a patched up Fratton Park with a restricted capacity of 20,000! Am I missing something or asking to much? Surely ME must see that Fratton Park (sadly and even with the proposed 5 million spent on it) is not the future? I'll be glad when this week is over and we can get back to talking about the Football (on the pitch) and celebrate "our" Club gaining promotion! PuP!

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    I too read what Peter Lee had to say, interesting but I don't think you are asking too much. I recall when the Truss gathered the Adder talked knowledgeably about the same topic. Here we are 4 or 5 years on and we haven't moved forward. I have read elsewhere this week the idea by some of Burnaby Rd being a possible PFC Stadium one day. Those sports grounds are Crown owned and are the home of Navy Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Athletics. Despite an ever shrinking Navy, albeit with the arrival in the Dockyard later this year of the first carrier, I for the love of me can't see those grounds ever being sold off by the Crown.

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    A new ground built at Tipner would have been fantastic........driving into the City and seeing a unique modern Football (and music) venue would have been a sight to behold.........another missed opportunity me thinks!!! I live in hope that one day either Fratton Park is redeveloped (and dragged into the 21st Century) or a new stadium is built!

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    Yep that would have been ideal but indeed one of those 2 options has to happen. We cant carry on the way we are at the moment. I would love to see us stay at a much redeveloped Fratton Park but in the meantime our future will be discussed with the Fullback family pre match gathering Saturday around 5 p.m for the last time in 3 months.

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