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Thread: Congratulations to our neighbours from the east

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    Congratulations to our neighbours from the east

    Hats off, credit where it's due, fair play.

    After an extended period in the lower leagues, it is actually pretty good to see them finally secure promotion.

    Even I have to doff my cap and admit that I admire the efforts by those a few miles along the '27 - it really is great for south coast football and gets us another step closer to reinstating some local rivalry between our respective clubs.

    Congratulations Brighton..

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    Well done Brighton, they've been there or there abouts the last few seasons so it's well deserved.

    Away day to Brighton next season methinks, only 15 return on the train.

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    Thanks Guys, promotion with 3 games still to go has put a big smile on my face for the Summer. Went through Southampton Central Saturday afternoon as you headed for the City defeat. You all look so miserable, Try smiling for a change. P.U.P.

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    LDB you can at least be smug in the knowledge that you were probably the only one at south*mptn central who'd paid for their ticket.

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    Had to pay to get to Waterloo the other day SD, a sad day tbf. I did use someone else's railcard to get the discount though!

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    You're a criminal, nothing less!

    You well?

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    It's a strange world. You start the season at least 2 divisions behind the south coast rivals around you. You get promoted and are still 2 divisions behind the south coast rivals around you.

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    Brighton Bournemouth and Saints all in the top league of England. Full house of proper south coast sides.

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