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Thread: McCann in charge at Dens

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    McCann in charge at Dens

    till end of the season check BBC site

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    I was very surprised when I learnt last night that McCann was getting that DFC gig - but at least he won't be on our screens for a while. Torn faced wee nyaff from the port that he is!

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    Ed, get this Greenock/Gourock tft aff this board now

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    Geography not being taught in Dundee I take it

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    Quote Originally Posted by AguyIknow View Post
    Geography not being taught in Dundee I take it
    The belter is from Essex, cut him a bit of slack

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    It will be interesting to see if McCann can turn the nose dive around.

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    5 of their last 7 defeats were against Top 6 opposition so McCann should have a relatively easy job

    I think ICT are gone and there's only 3 points between DFC and the three teams above them. They're playing RC and ICT at home in the post-split both of which I'd expect DFC to win. It's where they get the other couple of points to stay up. I think it'll be Accies or RC in play offs tbh

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