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    neil mcann

    Wish him well but smacks of desperation

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    Leftfield but I think it's a good appointment

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    Quote Originally Posted by legendno9 View Post
    Wish him well but smacks of desperation
    How's that R?

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    Just think that a novice has been appointed when someone more experienced was needed. Not against it but I find it strange aberfeldyee.

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    It's one of those, where if we stay up, great appointment, go down, biggest mistake, we could have had a Knox style manager, comes in threatens to kick arse, players revolt and before we know we're gone, I think it's a well thought out appointment.

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    Interesting when you read KT's comments about Butcher and Hibs. Big stick didn't work and having started out on that route he was doomed to fail. Return of Malpas to ICT is an interesting move as well. He was part of the past and the board asked him to come back and help Foran. If we had taken a similar approach for helping PH, I'm not too sure how say the arrival of Archie Knox would have helped us if PH had been kept in place.

    Main thing is that right or wrong we have got to get behind the team and support them. Giving the opposition pelters and keeping refs on their toes are also *****.

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