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Thread: Where to sit with a kid - advice needed

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    Where to sit with a kid - advice needed

    Thinking of taking my 7 year old to a game before end of season. Where's the best place to sit, i.e. No one standing in front of us and not too much swearing!!!
    Also where is a good place to park that's within a few mins walk to ground?
    Many thanks

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    Depends on what game, James Hargreaves or bob lord might be your best option. Parking is ok on iceland/Halfords,not sainsburys. Take no notice of all the clamping signs as i have parked there for the last 5 years everyday going to work, 10 mins at the most to the ground..

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    Thanks for your advice. It was the West Ham game on the last day of the season I'm aiming for.

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    Jimmy McIlroy Upper is the obvious choice.

    There is loads of free street parking around Lyndhurst Road if you get there early enough.

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