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Thread: General Election 2017 Run Down of Key Events

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    General Election 2017 Run Down of Key Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIPBUTTYBLADE View Post
    They missed this one

    Now, to June 8th and beyond - FKB couldn't give a feck.

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    FKB's take on the Manifesto's

    Tories - Fantastic, unless you are old, or working class, or heaven forbid, both. Criticises Labour for 48bn of tax and spending on stuff to help the bottom of the economy as 'unaffordable' but glosses over the 250bn commitment to the pointless HS2 and Trident upgrade which I guess we've put on easy terms 10% down and four years interest free perhaps?.

    Labour - A work of great thoughtfulness. Pity they didn't think 'What the feck are we doing?? Lets just blame the immigrants and get in on the hate vote'. Didn't they see the Trump campaign?? Challenges Michael Foot's 1984 Manifesto as the longest suicide note in history.

    Liberals- Lies stretched over more lies. Easy to promise what you'll never have to deliver.

    SNP - Sturgeon is one feckin crazy piece of work.

    Predicted Outcomes

    Tory win - We're fecked
    Labour win - Nice warm feeling for a few weeks and then we're fecked
    Liberal Win - They're fecked.
    SNP win - We're noo fecked.

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    As it seems I'm by default the BM political correspondent, heres my final take on it all before Polling Day.

    As the campaigns have gone on I've been surprised by both May and Corbyn. Corbyn has put better arguments, more consistant policies, and against a wall of the printed media against him, he's actually done good. May on the other hand has run a disasterous campaign which looks like they are making it up as they go along. U-turn follows confusion follows muddle and its a bit of a mess really. If you are a conspiracy theorist, maybe you think this is intended so that Brexit has to be dealt with by some form of coalition, thereby saving the Tories from ALL the blame, or she can get beaten, resign and take up lucrative non-exec directorships and lecture tours for easy cash, rather than shovel the shyte they've made. I will pee myself if Boris Johnson who campaigned for out, then ran away like a coward, ends up as PM having to get a deal done. Karma...

    Anyway, a slim Tory majority, or a Labour/SNP coalition is how its looking for me. Like the difference between hanging yourself or blowing your brains out. However, I am now convinced that a Labout PM isour best option. I may not bother actually voting as it make sod all difference. Up our way you could elect a donkey with a red ribbon on it. As our MP is Clive Betts that kind of proves the point.
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