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Thread: Jack's goal

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    Jack's goal

    Anybody notice someone called Grealish scored the goal of the game v Fulham? For us! I despair of some Villa fans regarding Jack - he is clearly a class player with a pass and a shot to die for and yet all we hear is he doesn't work hard enough, doesn't track back and defend, goes out on the p iss etc. The guy is quality and Bruce should build the team around him. We were effing awful on Monday. 6-1 would have been nearer the mark and the idea of automatic promotion next season is pure fantasy.

    Once again at season end I am wondering which players I would retain :

    Sam Johnstone. Goalie of real potential, no chance of keeping him.
    James Chester. Ok as defender OK as captain but only just.
    Jack Grealish. As said, basis of our team.
    Lansbury. A proper midfielder, strong with skill.
    Kodja. He scores. That's it. (And there really is little else).

    All the rest are various levels of out of their depth, not good enough or old and lazy - fill in your own blanks.

    In Bruce We Trust? Hmm.

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    Bbv you're right in that Jack's goal was a moment of real quality in a game that was otherwise memorable only for the ridiculous red card for JK and the massive turnout from Villa fans (again), felt like a home game. Our Jack looks lost in this league, it's very physical in the final third and I think he would flourish in a top footballing side where he would be at his best & able to express himself.

    It's clear that Brucie already has his eye on next season by changing formation, Fulham looked a tidy & organised outfit but nothing more. I'd say that if Hutton, Bacuna, Adomah were on in a 4-5-1 we would have had a very good chance of a win.

    On JK - 19 goals says a lot, he has further development in order to add to his game and this may put Premier League suitors off but 20 a season strikers are hard to find and expensive. It's clear we have loads of work to do in the summer to come out firing on all cylinders in August:

    Sam J - agree, young and has potential - I think we'll sign him
    Chester - many positives, a leader, a few goals and very cool under pressure
    Baker - good season, keep.
    Hutton - will move on I think, good luck to him - Bree looks average but still early days.
    Amavi - too many mistakes, Taylor is suited to this league
    Elphick - ok as cover

    Adomah - keep
    Bacuna - keep
    Lansbury - keep
    Hourihane - keep
    Gardner - not good enough
    Bjarnsson - too early to say, looks a warrior so ok for this league

    Jack - loan out to a Prem team next season
    JK - keep him if we can
    Green - could light us up next season
    RHM - loan?
    Gabby - pay up his contract

    I trust Bruce to build a team that can challenge for promotion, anything beyond that's a big ask for him.

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    Seems you and me are the only ones interested here wcv. Anyone else got a thought on next year's squad? Or anything 😟

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    We should sign Terry Barry Carrick and Delph

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    We should sign Terry Barry Carrick and Delph

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    Great goal by Grealish no doubt but didn't see much of him for the other 89 minutes and that is where he needs to up his game. He needs to dictate these games aka Alli.

    Not sure I would change too much in personnel this summer. There has been a lot of upheaval over the last few seasons and this squad needs to spend some time together under the guidance of SB and a full preseason under their belts. I can't think of too much quality elsewhere that would be prepared to drop into the championship. Hope we get to keep Johnson though.

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    We need to build around Hogan. He works his socks off, but needs better service. Grealish is not providing this. We need to analyze what worked for him at Brentford and after watching him I believe it is because of McCreatchen, Yannaris and Jota. Lansbury and Hourihane can replace the first two, but Grealish isn't doing what Jota does.

    Loan out Grealish and buy Jota or talk Gil into coming back.

    Also, Adomah fades out of games and Green hasn't hit the heights yet, so get a couple of tricky wingers.

    Sell Amavi. He's useless against sides with wingers.

    Get Johnstone back loan or buy.

    If Kodjia goes will need a decent striker like him for 8-12 million.

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