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Thread: Plenty of sport on Saturday.

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    Plenty of sport on Saturday.

    Starting at Trent Bridge Notts v Sussex, then over the road to watch Forest v Reading and then back to Trent Bridge.

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    It's really do or die. 5 points needed for survival. But if we fail to get 3 on Saturday, it's out from our own hands.
    Britt shouldn't start. I think Velios is a better option than him as an impact sub.

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    Cricket!!! Worse sport ever invented, come on Essex
    My prediction is a 2-2 draw against Reading, Blackburn will lose their match which will keep us hanging by a thread,
    Wigan will lose their's also which will all but finish them,
    Qpr later this month will be a tough one, going for a 1 nil loss against them,
    We will win our final game which will keep us up.

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    Dear Lord please help us just this once and don't let you know who jinx us.
    Please obstruct him from wagering this Saturday.

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