As we all know the swing in emotions between the final whistle against Burton and merely an hour later were HUGE!

Thinking there was no hope and looking at a divided team a toxic fan base and a manager taking us nowhere soon for me all but confirmed out relegation given that other teams such as Forest & Blackburn may not back their board but certainly backed their teams something you need to survive.

Given the appointment of 'Arry and seeing such positive changes what chances do you give us? Do people still think we will got to Villa park and get beat? Is Huddersfield needing points too much for us to over come? surely we wont get another 94th to keep us up at Bristol?

In my opinion a lot has already changed whilst we may get beat at Villa i'm not half as worried as I was about a total drubbing. Huddersfield have all but confirmed play offs and seem to be at that stage of 'dont get injured' for me under a new regime and with people 100% behind the manager and team it gives us nothing more to shout about than the match and getting behind the players such as the Brighton game...Zola's best game as manager coincidentally..Finally as for Bristol City well it's just ashame we don't have the chance to relegate them again..