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Thread: Last 3 games

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    Last 3 games

    I said a while back I thought our poor performances would at some point catch up with us and that tree has bared its fruit sadly in the last 5 games we've been battered other than Preston, who to be fair scuppered more than one golden chance.

    That said, I still think we will make the playoffs, we are lucky in the fact that Fulham play Huddersfield away and Sheff Wed have Derby at home this weekend which I think they'll be draws at best for either team. It's up to us to then do the business against a Burton team who aren't as **** as people think.

    Then we've got the added bonus of Fulham and Sheff Wed playing each other on last day of season, meaning they both can't get 9 points.

    It's still in our hands, but we've got to start playing well, having an odd good performance once a month isn't good enough now, we need three back to back games starting by dropping that donkey Bridcutt and the equally useless Phillips.

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    agree Joel, weve not been at our best lately, but its good to see im not alone in viewing the season "glass half full". i think we were not much better when we were getting results anyway, so, a bit of luck, and like you say, they cant all get 9 points, play offs here we come!

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    No pressure then Joel
    Is pressure good or bad ?
    The answer determines how likely you are to be affected by high-pressure situations and being a young team experience is limited.
    In pressure situations, athletes/footballers need to do what they have practiced. Yet, time and again we see players (and coaches) panic and try something different in the heat of competition. To eliminate this situation its useful to have a process/tactics that the athlete/footballer has had success with - for us the GM solid 4-2-3-1.
    It is also important to consider the impact of social media nowadays.If you’re a player constantly reading or posting ahead of a big match you may be subtly increasing the pressure on yourself to perform. I’ve noticed that the best players generally post very little about big games or how training is going (Pontus is quiet I note).
    Cannot see GM tinkering to much but he'll know which players are focused and which players can deliver and maybe just maybe that threatened elusive performance will now happen but like you I worry about those two holding midfielders.

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    Hope I'm wrong but think that Fulham takes Hudds and Wed takes Derby.

    think we have to win all three to make it. tough going the way we've played the last 10 games.

    still a great season.

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    Some teams are better at chasing than being chased. I hope we're one of them.
    Maybe Newcastle was our cup final and we thought it was just a matter of turning up vs Wolves.
    And the players should be banned from social media for the next 3 games.
    Focus focus focus.

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