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Thread: Ryan Williams

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    Ryan Williams

    End of his contract , should he be offered a new contract ? I dunt dislike him , same with White tho , paying wages to players who unfortunately are injury prone !! Both have to go for me , no room for sentiment these days , weer ivva they go i wish them well ,don't resign them Hecky please
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    Totally agree get them off wage bill players have no loyalty to clubs it works both ways we waste enough money thanks but bye bye

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    I'd get shut of both If you think Ryan Williams cost 300k plus about at least the same again in wages at least that's 600k just on Ryan Williams who most thought was a good signing.

    600k on a player who's played about 10 bleeding games. Shows how hard it is to get it right signing players.

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    To be honest I feel for Ryan Williams, he's had a torrid time with his injuries, the frustration must be unimaginable. Players cost the club a lot of money if they're out injured but that's part and parcel of football, always has been. It's easy to write them off but I feel that's doing them an injustice, there's nothing more i'd like than to see Williams gain a regular place in the team and show us what he's got. A twelve month extension would be the sensible option for both him and aidy white imo

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    Damned if we do... damned if we don't
    Give a contract and he plays a storming first 20 games.... and we are in Winnall and Hourihabe situation
    Let him go and see him do well elsewhere
    I'd agree with P and M
    12 months extension

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    I'd let em both go to be honest! What scares me though is if we let Aidy go does Hecky think Kpekawa is his replacement or even a back up to Yiadom?

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