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Thread: Stead's USA move

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    Stead's USA move

    Can't fault him if he goes tbh. At this stage of his career I think I would...

    I'd also say the likelihood of that makes it even more important we keep Shoala on.

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    Think I'd tell him, get on that plane Jon, don't miss the opportunity and thanks for your time with Notts....

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    It goes beyond next season in some respects. It might be easier for him to obtain employment after he stops playing if he remains in the UK. He obviously also has to consider his family. if he does go, the best of luck to him.

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    He's done a good job for Notts and will be missed if he goes - best of luck if he does. The statements about not being interested in any other English club and being less keen on the US move than he was, seem to indicate that he thinks Notts can go places next season.

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    If he wants to stay then brilliant.
    If he thinks the grass is greener elsewhere then goodbye.

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    Think we can do better to be honest. Not a bad player at this level but he'll be on a big wage which could be used to bring in a decent young striker.

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    KN wants him to stay and to be fair he's not a bad judge ,however with his contacts i would have thought he could find a decent younger quicker replacement on perhaps less wages.

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    He falls over to easily....Time to move on im afraid. We need some one with pace and who can stand up to the challenges of these big defenders....

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    Best to let him move on and earn decent money, i believe Notts need at least 3 new strikers next season this would include Shola staying.

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    He'd be a fool not to cash in and experience it over there imo. I would imagine he's one of, if not the highest earner at Notts County and if that remains the same next season I would be concerned, if he was on Lee Hughes' level then fair enough but he's not and out of Stead and Shola, I would much rather have Ameobi.

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    I think it would be in the best interests of both Jon Stead and ourselves if he went to States. He's done a fine job for us for the past two years and without his goals we may well have been relegated, but he will be on decent wages for our level and we would be better served by using his salary to bring in a younger up-and-coming striker, especially if we plan to keep Shola Ameobi. There's no harm having a couple of experienced pros around the place, but our future success will almost certainly depend on growing our own talent, or recruiting young players coming up from the non-league in keeping with the model followed by clubs like Peterborough, or dropping down from Premier and Championship sides to find regular football like Jorge Grant. It's already been said that one of our main requirements next season will be a bit more pace in the team, and generally that comes hand in hand with youth.

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