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Thread: Rotherham United career looks over for Thorpe

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    Rotherham United career looks over for Thorpe

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    I have no words.

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    The whole so called interview is so negative. We've lost then Paul!! AGAIN. I won't be there any way f--k em!! DWTWM

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    Quote Originally Posted by millertop View Post
    I have no words.

    If Adeyemi doesn't sign, then we miss a trick - again. Could come back to haunt us, this one. Well, at least Thorpe will get Championship football next season

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    Apparently had a good season in L1 with Bolton, the league we will be struggling, sorry competing in next season, Yet Warne says no disrespect to the lad but he wouldn't be on my shopping list.

    In other words the to quote Kempo, bag of nuts we can afford to offer him, he will find offensive and tell me to f@ck off.

    Unfortunately all the signs, Warne getting the job and looking in non league for players shows we are skint!!!

    We're going to try to hang on to Wardy, what a load of crap. 500'000 will buy him now and maybe even less.

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    Not given a chance at Rotherham, Ryan Giggs when at Manchester United said he was a excellent player, & didn't want him to leave Old Trafford.
    I wish the lad good luck in his future career at a club who appreciates him.

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    Almost everyone who signs for us sees their career decline, you'd think the club would be asking themselves why that is (or maybe not!). Thorpe has the chance to erase the stigma and resurrect his career so good luck to the lad.

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    He'd have been better than Wilson, but that was Stubbs. Thorpe to me not convinced by him as a defender when he played for us. So I agree with Warney.

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    Absolutely **** in defence and not much better in midfield, Every manager we have had has not been interested in him. I think people are buying into the fact that he was at Man U and got high praise, Well that's over and he's not that good and will be no loss imo.

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    Disagree. Not handled very well. Thorpe was for me, exactly what we should be nurturing

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteWaller View Post
    Disagree. Not handled very well. Thorpe was for me, exactly what we should be nurturing
    Can you please point out a performance that justifys this ?, He had chances and was dog **** most games and average in others

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    QPR away

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    I did not see that game but one game in a season is not enough. He's going so no point moaning about it till we see who's coming in. As for better than Wilson I agree with that cos he is dog **** as well. With Blackstock the worse signings we have ever made

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    "nurturing" is THE word !

    The championship was nice.....and what a treat to see the quality out there...


    We need that training ground more than anything now.....we've needed it for years so it has to be good - to grow "organically" - from the kids school of excellence.....12 - 18 year old teams playing in the Rotherham shirt and being supported in a professional way.

    Out of those teams we'll find a few diamonds that love the club because it's been their family and by "nurturing" them!

    2017 and still no foundations laid is bad business - but it ain't my money!

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    Is ilikecarling an appropriate user name? He didn't see this thread on the first page

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    warney lost the plot he doesn't want Tom Thorpe but wants to give blackstock a chance he's hopless.

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