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Thread: Player and goal of the season

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    Thanks for reminding me Alex Rodman was at the club this season, you've just ruined my evening.

    Went for Milsom and Jon Stead.

    Just shows how much we've got to choose from in terms of goals when one of them is a cross that went in (O'Connor). Stead and Aaron Collins' goals were pretty similar but taking into account the opposition, the fact that Collins is no longer here and Stead's was harder to control I think his is better. Jorge Grant came quite close with both of his goals in the list to be fair and Shola's ain't bad either.

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    We may not have seen the goal of the season yet!

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    I'm going for stead player of the season, just about the only one who has been quite consistent all season plus without his goals we'd be drowning in ****e creek.

    Goal of the season not sure tbh, I'd have to see a few of them again.

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