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Thread: A season to forget

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    A season to forget

    probably the worst season i've experienced as a blues fan, the long awaited takeover spiraled into farce as the new owners decided to sack off the one spark of light at the club for years Gary Rowett and replace him with an ex world class player in Zola , a nice bloke but totally out of his depth as a manager, he took a bunch of free transfers and bargain buys / relatively unknown players and tried to get them playing intelligent sexy football, it was akin to taking toddlers and sitting them down to take an A level exam , the carnage that followed was almost funny if you weren't a supporter of the club, zola made Lee Clark look like Arsene Wenger by comparison and left most fans banging their heads on the pub table in disbelief , he left it till the last possible moment to jump ship and in came Harry to the rescue, three games 6 points at least needed , we showed glimpses of the Rowett blues against V**la and the rest is history , Harry Redknap showed Steve McQueen how to leap the bike over the barbed wire and we were safe , what lies in store ? probably more comedy capers as the new owners dilly and dally over Redknap's appointment , we'll probably end up with Steve Cotterill as manager at some point ,it will be the usual keep right on and see what happens
    To the Blackburn lads on here from old ,hard lines , glad it was you rather than us , hope you get rid of the Venky's ,aspirin usually helps

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    oh interesting story ... i am touched ..

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