was delighted to receive texts Saturday evening from 3 of his ex team mates here saying "Thanks". He said Grimsby were hell bent on Plymouth not winning the title at their place especially him....‘Last season’s play-off left us all with a bitter taste in the mouth. There is no love lost between Pompey and Plymouth and a bit of needle. In last season’s play-off second leg, I cannot remember much after banging heads with a player during the game. I had concussion and was more or less in their dressing room with their club doctor after the match and saw them jumping around celebrating. I couldn’t have them jumping around in front of me two years in a row. As a professional footballer, you have your pride and we didn’t want to see Plymouth lifting silverware. We’d even heard rumours the trophy was on its way up. You never want to see anyone come to your patch and win things, so it was on our minds. We were bang up for the game, played well and maybe should have won it in the end. I’d been speaking to Doylie throughout the week. He was asking how we were looking, how we were doing" "I was disappointed with Plymouth. We should have absolutely pummelled them, especially in the first half when we scored, missed two one-on-ones and should have been out of sight. Then they went route one and did better in the second half, but we were pretty comfortable all afternoon. They were nowhere near the same class as Pompey and Doncaster. Afterwards, it was great to receive a couple of texts off Chappers, Doyley and Gaz saying thank you.’

Top Man is Ben. Thanks from all of us.