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Thread: Outside today

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    Outside today

    Today coming to the end of Autumn (Saturday 12th May) has me looking at blue sky, with scattered cloud 17 degrees presently (well 2 hrs ago) with an expected top of 24, possible showers in Aspley north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    How about you?

    Happy Saturday

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    I'm looking at grey cloud with scattered blue sky . It's dry at the moment but we had a little rain earlier today. 16 degrees.

    Happy Saturday bro.

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    7pm now in Brisvegas it's 17.4 we hit 23 degrees after midday and early morning the low was 10degrees.

    Sunshine for the rest of the week with similar temps, very very small chance of random showers later in the week.

    Love our winters here. (almost winter)

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    15-22 today with a little rain. We've had some unseasonal rain the last few days.

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    15 here this evening. Cloudy with a gentle breeze. Likely to rain overnight.

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    Temps closer together again due to cloud and rain. Expecting up to 50mm today, unheard of in our amazing down under winters

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    We're having a heatwave! Well, a British one, anyway. 22 degrees. Lots of pink skin on show and people complaining they're too hot

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    He he... I love it.

    Rain has stopped. Everything is damp. Temp is still about the same.

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