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Thread: Attn Pompey Lee

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    Attn Pompey Lee

    How about an update on the story of your move?
    How you got there and how was the journey?
    Have you settled in OK and have there been any dramas?
    How is the new lifestyle and are you missing the UK?
    When can we all come and visit?

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    Since the original journey update I will try not to bore you to much with the following update,

    No major dramas, residency now applied for with the help of a Turkish friend & expected in the post in a couple of weeks, we have bought bicycles which are great to get around on as Fethiye is mostly flat & there isn't too much traffic(also able to have a drink & still cycle), had a tortoise move in to the land next door last week so apart from chickens,street dogs & cats, goats & sheep wildlife is different, seen turtles & dolphins in the sea Regularly,

    Been to look other properties today as the other halfs parents have sold there house in oriel rd & all being well will be moving out here in August, amazing what you can get for you're out here & with interest rate in the banks you can live off quite a small sum quite easily, banks are another fantastic thing, I don't know if it's because we're English or foreigners but instead of q'ing when we go in we go upstairs when we are seen by lovely English speaking lady who treats us like royalty & advises the best accounts for our .

    Quite often go for a cycle along the seafront to stop at bars just admire the views, trying not to see it as a permanent holiday although we have friends & family due out later this year (2 returning as liked it so much last year) , beer works out roughly 2,20 a 500ml btl in most bars/restaurants & food is really cheap.

    We use our local market (imagine Charlotte street when the tricorn was there) every Sunday for the freshest cheapest veg & fruit you could imagine, we also now get charged in most places resident price for stuff (including beer) which is around 10% less.

    If there's anything apart from Pompey I'm miss from the uk probably some food stuffs (corned beef,marmite(friends bring out), sausages) but a lot of things there are equivalents that we can get by with.

    Feel free to visit anytime but until we get a 3+ bedroom place it's a bit tight but then again flights & accommodation is cheap compared to Spain etc & food & drink is exceptional value.

    Not sure if you know I'm a bit if a gardener & where we are now there isn't much land but still found a space to grow broad beans, runner beans, 11 different varieties of chilli (5 I brought with me) & a couple of chilli pants I bought at the market plus a selection. Of flowers growing from seed & strawberries.

    We have Turkish neighbours here & one who speaks very little English keeps bringing us home made food which is very nice, I wish I could explain how different turkey is to how the media make it sound, anyway that's it for now, pup
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    Thanks for that Lee, interesting reading. Been reading it to Mrs Adder but she keeps saying 'I don't like Turks'.
    Glad you are settling in and I think it's a very brave move. Nice that you may have more family moving out to join you.
    I've never been to Turkey but wife went with daughter and they had a good time. I know they liked the prices there
    they went to the more Holiday bits.
    Keep us updated.
    What about them title winning blues then! What a shock.
    Kevin (Bladder)

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    Oh & the 'sun' if you beleive that rag has fethiye as the 3rd trendiest destination... going to see rod stewart in one of the bars tonight.

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