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Thread: what's in a name?

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    what's in a name?

    I am guessing you have seen the rumoured red bull take over bid?
    I cannot see this being anything but a wild rumour however if they did how would you feel about our name being changed?
    They have done it at all the other clubs they own
    red bull rovers
    Blackburn red bull
    I am not sure it is pretty sad when your identity gets tampered with but it gets rid of the venkys so every cloud.

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    Could be true.
    As in nature (and business) the stronger prey on the weaker.
    The best time to pick up a potential bargain is when it's pretty much on its knees.
    Unlike 'carpet bagging' though this would not be for a dismantling exercise, as Venkys could (and possibly are?) get on with doing that. And in any case we're not really a product that could return real rewards (given my understanding of the alleged covenants over Ewood Park and Brockhall).
    Of course, it is possible that in this day and age that could all be swept away given the power of the conglomerate involved.
    Plus: Red Bulls 'interest' I would think is totally sporting based.
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    Even though this wont happen it is very feasible
    a cheap run down club who once were the best in this country in need of TLC in exchange for the red bull brand breaking the football market over here
    the thing that would get to me is the complete rebranding of the club
    Club changing image wise or stick with venkys
    tough one but let's face it we are doomed under the clueless ones at least we have a chance of survival under a different ownership.

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    What a load of (Red) BULLSHIT)..

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfinyalcabo View Post
    What a load of (Red) BULLSHIT)..
    Maybe so, but could be a whole lot better than the 'chicken****' we've had to endure ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfinyalcabo View Post
    What a load of (Red) BULLSHIT)..
    Exactly the same thought crossed my mind, Alf. Still, you never know. I wonder if Red Bull shows up in drug-tests. Presumably, the players would be forced to drink cans of the stuff in public before every game. Logos wouldn't be a problem, though. We would just need the players to have an LED shirt with a white hoop round the middle, and little red bulls circling all the time. Could be a useful distraction to the opposition too.
    An added bonus would be the pre-season games in Spain. We'd have to bring Sam back, I think. He's always reminded me of a bull, and he would look good in a red cape and a Viking helmet. Change the motto to Bovem Ruber, and we're getting there.
    You know, the more I think about it, the more I like it.

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    Losiing the identity of my club would not be option for me ! I would rather stick pins in my eyes.

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    I agree ghost but with the current owners we won't have a club in 5 years.

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