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Thread: Match Day Pies

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    Match Day Pies


    My name is Jess and I am part of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies. The Sisterhood is a blogging website that creates content on pies in all different stadiums in lots of different sports. Within the sisterhood there are four of us all studying Football Business and Marketing at UCFB.

    Our degree doesn't just involve assignments and exams, it is also about gaining experience in the Football Industry and meeting people who are profoundly involved in the careers we intend to pursue.

    So far we have blogged about Blackburn Rovers which you can find here:

    We would love any feedback in making the site or content better or even any other types of blogs you would want us to pursue.

    Many Thanks

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    Darkest Lancashire
    The only pies in Blackburn at the moment are "humble Pies?.

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