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Thread: Player and Fan connection Today Copared to Yesterday years ..........

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    Player and Fan connection Today Copared to Yesterday years ..........

    Car washing to earn money to watch Leeds United ..........
    The Leeds fanatic Dave Cohen mentioned one way paying for his early days football habit was to go car washing on Sunday mornings as a 14 year old.But car washing was big business back then, when a Fairs Cup ticket could be purchased with the profits from half a dozen sparkling Hillman Imps.So Dave goes on to tell it was during one such motor-soaking Sunday morning that he first discovered a celebrity address car washing Looking up from a car he was cleaning in the road, he saw in the bay window of 41 The Drive none other than Hot Shot Lorimer himself, gazing at the begonias on his front lawn, probably while reminiscing over a 40-yard scorcher that nearly tore the goal netting off. It was him alright.
    Dave froze with indecision. Should he wait for "Hot Shot" to spot me he's thinking as he staring rudely into his front room, or should he march towards Lorimers rather dinky looking sports car and mime a cleaning ritual with his bucket and sponge?

    Actually Dave says "I felt so humble at the thought of being mere feet away from one of United’s finest, that I finished the job I was doing and ran away as fast as I could".

    "I thought long and hard about how I could use this new-found knowledge to my advantage. Knowing where someone famous lived could buy me a lot of street cred. In my fantasy I became a great big Somebody – The Boy Who Would Be Peter Lorimer’s Car Washer.But it was not to be. As the weeks passed, I concentrated all my car-washing efforts around The Drive, never once plucking up the courage to ring on the doorbell of number 41.

    So one morning determined to cross the rubicon, to leap over the threshold from my dull reality into the glamorous world where Peter’s Triumph resided and anything might be possible. I imagined turning on the cold water tap in his kitchen while chatting breezily about the previous day’s game. I arrived at his house and started to walk towards his front door. Within seconds the man I had adored from afar – Hot Shot Lorimer, Superman, freedom fighter and all-round hero – had waved me away as dismissively as Ray Tinkler during a Leeds-West Brom match".

    Dave concludes ..... "All my illusions were shattered in that moment when, for the first time in my eyes, he became an ordinary human. But the next Saturday he ran out on the pitch in his all-white shirt and became a God again".

    Looking back myself over the years following the team I was real lucky to go to school with one of the Leeds squads 1980's players whom very kindly used to give us freebie seat tickets for away days but what I never told him then was that we used to sell 'em on the train travelling to the match to older supporters,split the profit then buy fish & chips all round and stand on the terraces for the games - he knows now of course and still laughs about it.
    Just cannot see such player to fan connections happening 'tho nowadays sadly.

    Any crazy deeds done getting to any games on 'ere then from members ?


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    i used to deliver Mark Aislewood´s newspapers, the tool used to stand in his garden wearing his full Wales kit for everyone to see, socks, shinpads the lot....

    Was Gary Mac´s butcher in Wetherby also, he used to keep me up to date with all the gossip!

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    Mark Aislewood mmmm, seriously messed up his life with booze & gambling addiction - his wife committed suicide last year and

    Gary Mac's butcher - daily steaks then or Yorkshire Haggis ?

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