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    Are we to understand that not only are Turton and Guthrie turning their backs on us but that Ray and Ng are holding out as well?
    What's going on????

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    I have no idea whether Ray or Ng will be here next season but the difference with them holding out for better offers is that they are under the age of 24 and because of that they can't leave without us getting a fee. Turton and Guthrie are both able to leave for nothing.

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    I was worried about NG as at the end of the home game he rushed over to where I was standing where a few of his 'rellies' were but what worried me was the man with them was an ex Vale striker who I believe is an agent
    Agents worry about money and not development and can easily turn young heads.

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    I find it puzzling that Ng has not signed. He has only just established himself in the first team and will be pushing for a starting spot next season. If he really thinks that he can do better, there is nothing we can do if another club wants to pay what we ask for him. Same goes for Ray. There will be more recruitment for Artell to do, but the development fee money might help.

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