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Thread: Predict the score Saturday 21st Sunday 20th

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    Predict the score Saturday 21st Sunday 20th

    Usual rules, last one of the current season, I hope those that's played have had some enjoyment out of it, good luck & have a great summer whatever or wherever you go, PS just a little note to say a Pompey fan I follow on Twitter who was out in turkey last week it turned out my OH was good friends with his OH so we met up on there final day for brekkie, oh & I saw my first scu.mmer out here last week ��

    Kilmarnock v Ross county
    Bradford v Millwall
    Arsenal v Everton
    Chelsea v Sunderland
    Leicester v Bournemouth
    Man U v crystal palace
    Southampton v Stoke
    Swansea v WBA
    Watford v Man city
    Patrick Thistle v Aberdeen

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    Cheers Lee for your efforts over the past season.
    By the way did you see my PM

    Kilmarnock v Ross county 2-1
    Bradford v Millwall 1-2
    Arsenal v Everton 2-2
    Chelsea v Sunderland 5-0 Trump
    Leicester v Bournemouth 2-1
    Man U v crystal palace 2-1
    Southampton v Stoke 1-1
    Swansea v WBA 2-2
    Watford v Man city 1-3
    Patrick Thistle v Aberdeen 1-1

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    Just seen the PM & replied scoular1.

    Kilmarnock 2 v Ross county 0
    Bradford 1 v Millwall 2
    Arsenal 3 v Everton 1
    Chelsea 5 v Sunderland 0 bank
    Leicester 3 v Bournemouth 2
    Man U 2 v crystal palace 1
    Southampton 2 v Stoke 1
    Swansea 1 v WBA 2
    Watford 1 v Man city 3
    Partick Thistle 2 v Aberdeen 2

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    Kilmarnock 2-2 Ross county
    Bradford 1-0 Millwall
    Arsenal 2-1 Everton
    Chelsea 4-0 Sunderland - bank
    Leicester 2-1 Bournemouth
    Man U 2-0 crystal palace
    Southampton 2-0 Stoke
    Swansea 2-1 WBA
    Watford 1-3 Man city
    Patrick Thistle 1-1 Aberdeen

    Cheers Lee for all your efforts, no plans yet to go to Oludeniz this year but if that changes I'll give you a shout.

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    Kilmarnock 2-1 Ross County
    Bradford 2-0 Millwall
    Arsenal 2-0 Everton
    Chelsea 5-0 Sunderland - Bonker
    Leicester 1-1 Bournemouth
    Man U 0-2 Crystal Palace
    Southampton 2-0 Stoke
    Swansea 2-1 WBA
    Watford 1-3 Man City
    Patrick Thistle 0-3 Aberdeen

    Yes thanks Lee for all your efforts. ST renewed by moi this morning. They are selling lot hot cakes at the moment (1500 plus on Wednesday alone), lots of vacant seats being snapped up by Newbies plus ST holders renewing. Be interesting come August how many have been sold in total and therefore (apart from the ME) what seats are available for general sale.

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