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Thread: desperate desperate dabs

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    desperate desperate dabs

    A wee greensome game at the golf tonight.

    Two dabs within the four, both greeting aboot unfairness of playoffs and I mean whinging greeting knashing of teeth woe is us type greeting.

    Eventually had to point oot their team voted for it to favour prem league teams whilst they were in it, nae point greeting now.

    To which one othem replied "shud betwo up two down and straight playoff between tenth and third over two games"

    I always thought they wud stick by there team for a few years but looking increasingly unlikely.

    Hard necks, they have nae idea aboot tough times.

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    Did you no point out that the hard done by got up through play-offs the last time they were in lower league, all the years we spent down there from 75, never once got a chance of the play-offs

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