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Thread: Dan Pringle /white pointer final league table

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    Dan Pringle /white pointer final league table

    Would like to thank everyone for playing and earning a bit of money for charity ,this year was close for a long time quick kept it interesting like last year .crowned champion yet again and does the treble is toonfalifekevbrown .I must say very close was toonlegend and zippity who pushed all the way.miss shearer up into 4th with a very good year.jammy shows when he leaves the chicks alone he does well.and zoggs wins it one year ****s off with the winnings and comes last lol.so any winnings owed to me just give it to charity toonlegend and thank the Dan Pringle fund for letting us use it as a bank.
    1.kevbrown champion 100+11
    2 toonlegend runner up 95+11
    3.zippity 86+11
    4.miss shearer 82+10
    5.jammy 79+7
    6. Ex pat 79+7
    7.chester 72+6
    8.staylor 72+4
    9.smorgan 32+3
    10 zoggs 21+1 relegated lol

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    Well done, Kev. Great effort, man, both on winning again and on doing the comp.

    Big shame you're not doing it again...unless you've reconsidered?

    If not, massive thanks for doing it all this while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonfalifekevbrown View Post
    10 zoggs 21+1 relegated lol

    Just saw this

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    yep ditto what zip said.

    2nd again... always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

    story of my life.

    freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
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    ...nothing ain't worth nothin', but it's free...

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