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Thread: Wembley #forall

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    Wembley #forall

    @wembleystadium happy birthday
    to celebrate 10yrs of Wembley lit up in the colours of every club that's played there .

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    Good pic.

    Wembley however is still an overpriced national scandal.

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    A very good day !

    Still wished they'd have tarted up the original Wembley as a museum of football....and build the 'New Wembley" near the NEC where it's easier to get to....London clubs TUBE everyone else extra days off work - hotels - travel nightmares....

    A local ( to Wembley ) once said the concrete was was made in a similar manner to Buckingham Palace - a concrete formed exterior over main structural elements.

    They said they couldn't do it ?

    Watch the 100 million pound they'll spend to save Buckingham Palace and plans are already afoot.

    But they couldn't save the WORLD'S PALACE of football....Yeah they could have....!

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    and the billions being spent on Westminster

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    "SUBSCRIBE AND READ".....I'll take your word for

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