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Thread: Views on Toon's possible sales

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    Views on Toon's possible sales


    Unfortunately we won't raise as much this time as last time around.

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    Not only will we not raise as much as last year, we'll simply not raise a lot altogether through player sales.

    Therefore, we're highly dependent on TV money, season tickets, sponsor money and other incoming profit. I don't know how much that adds up to, but the term 'every last penny' (quote Mike Ashley) still seems quite vague to me. I doubt we'll have a 100 mil for this window. I think 50-60 is more likely. And I don't know if that's adequate for our situation.

    I'm aware Rafa stayed on so he must've been guaranteed a budget that he can live with. However, just remember how disappointed he was in January with our (lack of) transfer activity. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of something like that happening again. We're dealing with Ashley, he can be like night and day.

    Still; overall I'm an optimist for the time being. Come on the toon.

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    It'll be interesting if we do sell Darlow.

    He's done well but Rafa doesn't seem to trust him like he does Elliot.

    I think it'll be an interesting summer.

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