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Thread: Curle loses the plot completely

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    Curle loses the plot completely

    Let me get this straight.

    We've offered Raynes a new contract and have Brisley, Miller, Grainger, Liddle and Ellis under contract until the end of next season?

    Surely the announcement of the released / retained list was an opportunity to state your intent to rectify the major reason for our failure in 2016/17 - our Conference North standard defence?

    Currently, it looks like Curle plans to start next season with pretty much the same abysmal back four as this year. What madness.

    Simply put, Raynes should've been thanked and sent packing. Brisley, Miller, Grainger and Ellis transfer listed (at least) and Liddle told he will fight for his place as a midfielder (only).

    Add to this the inexplicable hard-on Curle seems to have for James Bailey and it's not looking good for next season at this stage. So much for being "ruthless and single minded" in the pursuit of success.

    Priorities this close season should be an entirely new back four as well as a genuine centre-forward. We'll probably sign about five midfielders again...

    Hopefully however, the rumours about Curle leaving will turn out to be true and we'll get someone in to replace him with a fresh pair of eyes capable of seeing the blatantly obvious. I give him great credit for arresting the almost terminal decline caused by Abbott & Kavanagh, however he's proven himself incapable of building a solid side capable of promotion. The time to make a managerial change is now - not ten games into next season.

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    I agree entirely about the defence but, also, who is defensive coach because he's not doing his job. I hope that most of those mentioned get loaned out, or someone comes in for Ellis who had a good season at FGR. Maybe Curle kept him off a transfer list hoping to get cash for him.

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    Can you say hard-on on here.

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    Really disappointing news also that Ibehre has turned the contract offer down, can't fault him as a person or as a professional however.

    That leaves us with a massive gap, in terms of experience and weight, upfront.

    So the same defence as last season, no Ibehre, Wyke or Proctor - and the board muttering about sustainability and limited resources, it's not looking good.

    Two centre-forwards the minimum required, (at least) one experienced. However after the last transfer window I have next to zero faith that the manager will be able to pull off anything like what's needed with a reduced budget.

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