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Thread: And so it begins....

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    And so it begins....

    The post by somebody called 'pensioner', last post when I looked, is a typical piece of vile clayhead Alex bashing, the clown claims that we can only attract older players to the Alex because of scumbag Bennell, he claims that nobody will allow young lads to come here because of Bennell, he forgets that we still have an amazing academy, something Vale could only dream of, but the bottom line is he is jealous of the fact the Alex have been active in the transfer market and kind of misses the point that the older players are being signed to help bring on the YOUNG players, stupid clay head six fingered tea pot making c**t.

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    Ignore him then - people like that only crave publicity and attention and the less we give him, the less he likes it.

    I'll stick to looking at Alex chat rooms thanks and don't really care what they say on there's.

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    I never look at other fan chat rooms. Too many fools with one-note criticisms. Best to ignore them as that is all such ludicrous nonsense deserves.

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    You are both of course 100% spot on, OVF is a dog turd of a site, I just had a casual look as I was interested to see if there was anything in the Nicky Maynard stories, not because I think Nicky would work for us but i just don't want to see one of our own dirty themselves with that vile burlsum tin pot outfit.

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    Unfortunately Pope (twice), Moore, Naylor, Leitch-Smith etc. have taken the filthy Burslem lucre. I have a feeling that Ray might just end up there - really hope I am wrong!!

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    Hope not, and I'm not sure that Vale would be in a position to afford him. The others you mention were all free transfers so the player could negotiate a signing-on fee, whereas George will attract a fee to the club, thus reducing the potential signing on fee for the player. If he stays local then a slightly better off club like Shrewsbury, Walsall or the spendthrift Bury may be more likely.

    I would also exclude Pope from the mercenary category as, to be fair to the fella, he grew up a Vale fan and always wanted to play for his club and who wouldn't want to do that? - and he didn't go from us straight along the A500! He is also pretty decent about the Alex when he guests on Radio Joke.

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    AstonAlex - all good points! I would have wanted to play for Crewe but I was nowhere near good enough (like all sports unfortunately!

    Changing the subject slightly, I see that Wigan have signed Dunnkeley from Oxford. One that was allowed to get away by DG like Stokes at Coventry?

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    Now I know I shouldn't have, but the lunacy on OFV is good for a giggle. Peter Morse has run a story about why Chris Porter decided to sign for us, he supposedly turned the vile down to sign for us, this could have been for various reason, maybe we offered a better contract, or maybe just maybe we offered more money, so because of this news story they are spewing bile about how they can always out bid us, and this gem was posted,

    "Agreed. Obviously annoyed we took nearly all their best players off them in the last ten years. If we actually wanted him, we would have signed him , look at Grant, they couldn't afford him we could."

    So Vale signed Powell, Westwood, Murphy etc

    Do they think that players who left us, then went to play for another club then signed for the vale, is them taking players off us directly. They do get the only reason Granty signed for them was because we only offered him a 1 year deal as both Davies and Baker thought he was 'not value for money' and Byron Moore refused to sign a 1 year extension.

    The odd things is, trumpets like the joker who posted the highlighted post actually do re-write history and then believe it, maybe I should do a OVF moronic post of the week thread, just for laughs

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    'All the best players'? They couldn't count six on one hand.

    Think about that statement before reeling off SIX names folks.

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    Admin reject this post as it obviously scum vale fans as usually attacking the Alex site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preston76 View Post
    Admin reject this post as it obviously scum vale fans as usually attacking the Alex site
    What, the thread is showing how moronic some vale fans are when talking about us, how the hell is this thread 'attacking' the Alex site?

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