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Thread: Clasie to go?

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    Clasie to go?

    Lazio want Jordy Clasie, according to reports. - External Link

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    And Dick van Dyke wants to go to Liverpool.
    Just a thought but why don't you try and keep hold of your best players for a change and have a decent stab at the league and a cup next season?

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    Oh and now Bertrand to Man City I hear.
    Is anybody asking why your best players are being sold?

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    Apparently they'll be sacking Poo-Hole too just as soon as they can work out who to replace him with.

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    I heard Claudio Ranieri was second favourite at one point, may well still be for all I know.
    That would be quite amusing, unless of course lightening does actually strike twice.

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    To be fair, Ranieri was successful playing at a plastic stadium in front of happy clappy fans..........I guess it could strike twice.

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    He's still 3rd favourite. There are some other good names in the list... Hodgson, Pardew, Gary Neville, Steve McLaren.

    To be fair I'd give Lou Reed and Freddy Kruger a bit more credit than that to go for one of them.

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