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Thread: Spittal Quote

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    i wasnt the biggest fan of BS appreciated his work-rate and knew he was capable of having some quality moments but always felt he flattered to deceive. i dont know if we all expected too much of him due to who he was meant to be replacing. there is a decent player in there. if he can be more consistent and play with more confidence he can be a good asset for Partick.

    since he left ive thought that itll be a good thing for Ray and the team. although he was a decent enough player for us, he was another one of the Relegated and failed to get promoted teams who has now left the club. the whole mcnamara brigade is almost gone and with it is the mentality that they teams had. players like dillon, dixon, murray, spittal, telfer and zwick all seemed to have that weak mentality during the last two seasons and although some were decent players, they obviously didnt have the sort of character/mentality we needed in these times. this will allow ray to have a proper clean slate for this season. with the majority of the team being his own team. hes not having to persist with playing/keeping players he didnt rate or couldnt get rid of.

    the mentality of the team should be different with new characters and hopefully a new style of arrogance and character that we can see out and dominate games

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    Quote Originally Posted by bawbagg View Post
    ****e player with a loser mentality, wont be missed

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    Terrible player

    the Robertson Queen's park signing theory -did not work the second time

    an absolute sh1tebag on the park

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