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Thread: FAO Aucklandrover and other ex pats..

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    FAO Aucklandrover and other ex pats..

    Thought this might interest you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saxo1man41 View Post
    Thanks, Saxo. It's certainly a reasonable price. I'll have to look into whether the games can be recorded. I don't mind the odd 3am alarm-call, but I'm not sure I could manage it every week. (I think my wife would insist on me being in the spare room on Saturday nights!)

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    Haha, can understand that

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    Who in their right mind wants to watch Div 1 Schite ? Lol

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    its he place to be next season Alf. Who wouldn't want to play away at Plymouth on a cold tues night in November??

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    Actually Im sick to death of having to watch Man.Utd on Sky or BT Sport every match(so now I dont).

    Think Plymouth and Rochdale would be a fabulous improvement - no monotony and no sarcasm whatsoever. I mean it.

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